Utensil Disinfectant Sanitizer 5L

From R480.00

Single – 5L
Case – 4x5L

Low foaming cleaner, disinfectant, detergent and sanitizer.

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Vibacsan Utensil Disinfectant Sanitizer – Ideal for use on disinfecting utensils used in restaurants ,medical facilities, salons , food production facilities.(Can be used in stainless steel baths and sinks etc.)



Can be used in a wide range of applications such as cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing of utensils, pruning shears, cutting tools and apparatus. Do not mix with Chlorine or Bleach products.



Bioflavoinoids and Food Grade fruit acids.


Dilution:  1:10



NRCS Act5GNR529/250295/140/0908



Utensil Disinfectant Sanitizer 5L
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