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Naturally Derived,
Scientifically Proven

Introducing a new generation of innovative &
environmentally friendly range of products.

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Completely Natural,
Non-Toxic & Biodegradable

Up to 99.999% Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal & Anti Viral Activity

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Hand Sanitizer


100% Natural

Naturally derived and
scientifically proven.


Introducing our Biodegradable and environmentally friendly range.

99.999% Protection

*Against bacteria, fungal
and viral activity.

Long Lasting & Residual

Up to 8 hours of
residual protection.

*SANS 51276/ EN 1276 (99.999%) Bactericidal Efficacy, SANS 51650 / EN 1650 (99.99%) Fungicidal/Yeast Efficacy, SANS 53704 / EN 3704 (99.9%) Sporicidal Efficacy.


Tested against Additional Strains (P digitatum, P italcum, Geotrichum candidum)


Highly efficacious,
Proven by science

Vibacsan hygiene and sanitation products comprise of a proprietary blend of bioflavonoids, phenolic compounds and fruit acids, abundantly found in the human daily diet of fruits and vegetables. Most aromatic substances synthesized by plants are phenols or their oxygen substituted derivatives.


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